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Freeing up money in your home

Mortgage calculator

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Planning a big purchase or project? Releasing the equity in your home can be a cost-effective way to get the money you need. If you already have a Yorkshire Bank mortgage, you might want to consider additional borrowing to free up the money tied up in your home.

Our advisors will work out how much you can borrow and you can spread your repayments over a range of terms to suit your needs. So whether you’re making home improvements or consolidating your debts, we have a solution for you.

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Product name
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Max loan to value
Question mark
Initial rate
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Rate thereafter (Variable)
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Arrangement fee
Question mark
Early repayment charge
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Overall cost for comparison
Offset 2 year discount - Fee Offer75%3.49%4.95%£0Yes4.8% APRMorehide
Offset 2 year discount - Fee Offer80%3.59%4.95%£0Yes4.8% APRMorehide
2 year fixed over £1,000,00060%3.29%4.95%£499Yes4.7% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate75%2.99%4.95%£499Yes4.8% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate80%3.09%4.95%£499Yes4.8% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate85%3.19%4.95%£499Yes4.9% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate90%3.99%4.95%£499Yes5.0% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate - Fee Offer75%3.09%4.95%£0Yes4.7% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate - Fee Offer80%3.19%4.95%£0Yes4.7% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate - Fee Offer85%3.49%4.95%£0Yes4.8% APRMorehide
2 year fixed rate - Fee Offer90%4.29%4.95%£0Yes5.0% APRMorehide
2 year fixed over £500,000 - Fee Offer90%4.49%4.95%£0Yes5.0% APRMorehide
2 year fixed over £500,00090%4.19%4.95%£499Yes4.9% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate75%3.99%4.95%£499Yes4.8% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate80%4.19%4.95%£499Yes4.9% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate85%4.29%4.95%£499Yes4.9% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate90%4.69%4.95%£499Yes5.1% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate - Fee Offer75%4.19%4.95%£0Yes4.8% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate - Fee Offer80%4.39%4.95%£0Yes4.8% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate - Fee Offer85%4.49%4.95%£0Yes4.9% APRMorehide
5 year fixed rate - Fee Offer90%4.99%4.95%£0Yes5.1% APRMorehide
5 year fixed over £500,000 - Fee Offer90%5.19%4.95%£0Yes5.2% APRMorehide
5 year fixed over £500,00090%4.89%4.95%£499Yes5.1% APRMorehide
Offset 2 year discount - loans greater than £1m60%3.09%4.95%£499Yes4.7% APRMorehide
Offset 2 year discount75%2.79%4.95%£499Yes4.8% APRMorehide
Offset 2 year discount80%2.89%4.95%£499Yes4.8% APRMorehide
Offset variable rate - Fee Offer85%4.95%4.95%£0No5.1% APRMorehide

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