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Other fees and charges

Private banking

Overdraft terms

Daily unplanned borrowing fee £6.00 per business day

This fee will be charged for each business day that you end the day in unplanned borrowing by more than the £100.00 unplanned borrowing buffer amount (unless that position was created by us adding fees or interest).

Fee cap £100.00 per calendar month.

We have a monthly fee cap of £100.00 per calendar month. This fee cap means that you’ll never pay more than £100.00 per calendar month in daily unplanned borrowing and returned item fees. The cap does not apply to debit interest which is charged at the rate shown in the tariff.

Other fees and charges

Account fees
Relationship fee £25 per month
This is for private banking relationship management and private banking current account and only applies to the following accounts: Private Current Account Tracker, Private Current Account and Private Current Account Mortgages.


Other day to day charges
Returned item fee:
Standing orders, Direct Debits and cheques
This fee will be charged when there is not enough money in your account or agreed overdraft to make a payment and we refuse the request. We will not charge the returned item fee if the value of the unpaid item is £15.00 or less. This is the returned item fee buffer amount.
£15.00 per item
Counter withdrawal (applies to Private Savings Account only) £5.00 per item


Additional Services
Banker's draft (up to & including £100,000) No additional Charge
Stopped cheque No additional Charge
Special cheque presentation No additional Charge
Copy of cheque No additional Charge
Duplicate statements No additional Charge


Inward foreign payments
Paid to customer’s account with this Bank
Up to £100 (or equivalent)
No charge
Over £100 (or equivalent) £7.00
Copies of confirmations/advices £5.00 per item
Debit card transactions
ATM transactions 3.75% of transaction value. Min £1.50
Purchase transactions 2.75% of transaction value. Min £1.50


These fees and limits apply if you use a card where the card transaction is made with a supplier (or using an ATM) based overseas.

Purchase transactions overseas limited to £10,000 per day for retail/private debit MasterCard contactless cards and £5,000 per day for all others.

Financial Care Team

If we need to involve our Financial Care Team you must pay us all reasonable costs and expenses. These could include any costs incurred by us on correspondence or in taking steps to trace you or recover money you owe us (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis). Further details are available on request from your relationship manager.

The way in which each of the above fees and charges are calculated and applied to your account is described in the terms and conditions applicable to your account