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Help using Internet Banking

What am I able to use Internet Banking for?

Our Internet Banking service provides you with access to your current and available balances on all of your accounts (with the exception of ISA's and some Term Deposit accounts) and at least 100 days' transactions. You can transfer funds between any Yorkshire Bank accounts you hold and also make payments to any outside organisation or other bank (within the UK). You can also order a chequebook, pay-in book and up-to-date statement.

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When is Internet banking available?

Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, there may be times when a part of the service is unavailable to allow for maintenance and updates to the system.

If you can’t remember your password, or the details are showing as invalid, please call the Internet Banking helpdesk on 08447 368 368*. We will send you a new One Time Password so you can re-register for the service.

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Is Internet banking secure?

Our security system has been vetted and approved by external security consultants.

Our servers, ensuring the maximum level of protection for your account information require use of 128-bit SSL Encryption.

Our comprehensive security infrastructure includes the use of multiple Firewalls; complimented by an Intrusion Detection System that alerts our Security Teams in real time to any attempted security breaches.

For someone to gain access to your account details they would have to have five pieces of information that only you should know. After you have registered there are three pieces of information required (two of which you can change at any time) before you can access the system.

The keys to security are your Customer Number, your Internet Banking password and your Security Questions. It is vital that you don’t disclose these to anyone. If you ever suspect that these have been compromised, you should immediately change your password and security questions.

Information passed between your computer and the Bank is encrypted so that, in the unlikely event of any third party seeing a message, it is unreadable. Yorkshire Bank uses 128-bit SSL encryption as well as multiple firewall technology.

Yorkshire Bank strongly recommends customers install anti-virus and firewall software on any PC you use to access Internet Banking, and you should update both regularly.

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How can I add a new account to my Internet banking facility?

When you open a new account with the Bank,depending on the account type it will normally automatically be added to your list of accounts on Internet Banking (this may take a couple of weeks to be processed). However, if you find that an account is not available and you would like online access to it, simply call the Telephone Banking service on 08447 368 368*.

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Will I be able to see my Yorkshire Bank credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are easily accessed through Internet Banking. In addition to the balance and transactions on your credit card, you will also be able to transfer funds to and from the card at any time.

Transfers or payments from your credit card will be treated as cash withdrawals and therefore charges will apply.

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Can I view my Direct Debits and Standing Orders?

Yes, you can view and cancel direct debits as well as create and amend standing orders through the payments menu.

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Can I still use Telephone Banking?

Yes, all other Yorkshire Bank services are unaffected by your use of Internet Banking. You will still have the same access to them as you did previously.

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What if my account information looks incorrect?

If any information on your account looks incorrect or suspicious in any way, immediately contact the Yorkshire Bank branch where your accounts are held, or the Customer Contact Centre on 08447 368 36808447 36 26 16*.

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Can my account information be viewed by anyone else?

Internet Banking encrypts all information sent between your browser and the Bank. Your Customer Number and password protect your Internet Banking account. Your accounts cannot be accessed without this information.

Some browsers offer the facility to store Internet pages that you have viewed so you can view them again when you are ‘offline’. We strongly recommend that you don’t use this facility, in case someone else using the same computer can then view them. If you have already selected this and wish to remove it, check the ‘help’ section of your browser relating to “save encrypted pages”.

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If I have a joint Current Account, can we both use the Internet Banking service?

Yes; however both of you will have separate Customer numbers and should register different security information. It is a requirement that you keep your security details to yourself and do not disclose them to your partner.

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My partner on my joint account cannot view a future dated bill payment, which I set up?

Both parties to a joint account have separate Customer Numbers that identify them within the Bank. We use your Customer Number as part of Internet Banking security, so that the payment you have set up is recorded under your Customer Number and not the actual account number. As such, joint account holders cannot view payments set up using their partner’s Customer Number.

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Can I use financial software such as Microsoft Money with Internet Banking?

Yes, the Export option that appears on your screen will allow you to copy information from Internet Banking into your software package.

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How can I print information from Internet Banking?

Use the on-screen ‘Print’ option. This allows you to print directly from Internet Banking. Alternatively, you can export the data into a financial software package and print from there.

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Why does the service sign me off after a period of time?

As a security measure, if you don’t use Internet Banking for 10 minutes after logging in, you will be automatically logged out, meaning that you will have to log back in when you attempt to use it again. We strongly recommend that you don’t rely on this facility to log off, please use the ‘log out’ link instead.

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How do I log off or disconnect?

Simply click on ‘log out’ on the menu and the system will disconnect you. You will have to log back in with your security information next time you want to access your accounts.

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* For security, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored


Security is a crucial part of online banking. Read more about our security measures and how you can help too.

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