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How to guides

Expert tips and practical information to help your business run smoothly

There’s plenty to think about when you’re starting a business. You can make it easier by planning things carefully and making sure you have the right financial set up and support. Our small business resources can help. They include ‘how to’ guides, online training modules, videos, tools and calculators.

  • Budgeting for expansion

    When the time comes to expand, it’s a major undertaking. Budgeting and planning carefully can make sure you improve your chances of success.

  • E-commerce - start with an online store

    Online shops offer a huge potential target market. But there are many things to be aware of when you decide to sell online. We can help you make sure you’ve got them covered.

  • Growing your business online

    You can expand your reach across the whole world by selling your products or services online. Discover what’s involved in creating an e-commerce website or adding merchant services to your existing site.

  • Five things you should know before exporting

    Preparation is everything. If you’re thinking of exporting, our guide highlights five simple things worth knowing to help you on your way to overseas success.

  • Buying a business - how much should you invest?

    A guide to the many factors that can influence how much a business is worth to you.

  • Finding the perfect pricing strategy

    Setting the wrong price for your product or service can be catastrophic. So how do you find the right price? Discover our tips and techniques for getting your pricing strategy perfect.

  • How to write a business plan

    Writing a business plan means you think the whole process through, and there should be no nasty surprises lurking. Find out how to write a business plan – and how to use it to manage and grow your business.

  • How to understand key financial documents

    The balance sheet and profit and loss statement are hugely important to any business. Learn how to read and make use of this vital financial information.

  • How to increase your profit

    Many small changes, rather than one big one, often lead to an increase in profitability. See how you can increase yours.

  • Promoting your business through social media

    You can make your business more noticeable using social media and networking platforms. This article introduces you to social media, and how to create and manage a social media presence for your business.

This guide is intended as general advice only, and not intended to cover specific circumstances and needs. The information in this article is also not linked to any of the products offered by Clydesdale Bank PLC.

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